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    Christian Academy Senior | Rebecca-Lynne

    Oh goodness how I adore this girl!!! Rebecca-Lynne is one of our Louisville Pink Owl Models from Christian Academy. Not only do I love having her on model shoots, I love seeing her at my daughter’s school and how she claims “Teeny” as her own. And can we just talk about her hair and eyes for a moment!? Simply stunning!

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    Cardinal Gibbons Senior Elizabeth aka Libby :)

    I love loved Libby’s style! Outside of the actual photography it’s self, my absolute favorite thing to do is help choose wardrobe I know will work PERFECTLY with the types of location my seniors love! Her adorable sister Mia snuck in for a couple of photos at the end of her senior portraits! LOVE

    raleigh-senior-pictures-the-best-ravenscroft-school_1552raleigh-senior-pictures-the-best-ravenscroft-school_1551raleigh senior portraits, cardinal gibbons, the best senior pictures in north carolina raleigh-senior-pictures-the-best-ravenscroft-school_1555raleigh-senior-pictures-the-best-ravenscroft-school_1556raleigh-senior-pictures-the-best-ravenscroft-school_1554raleigh-senior-pictures-the-best-ravenscroft-school_1557raleigh-senior-pictures-the-best-ravenscroft-school_1553 raleigh-senior-pictures-the-best-ravenscroft-school_1559raleigh-senior-pictures-the-best-ravenscroft-school_1558 raleigh-senior-pictures-the-best-ravenscroft-school_1560
    raleigh-senior-pictures-the-best-ravenscroft-school_1561raleigh-senior-pictures-the-best-ravenscroft-school_1563 raleigh-senior-pictures-the-best-ravenscroft-school_1562

    Sarah | Louisville Senior Portraits

    I was once told the answer to finally knowing when you’re a “professional” photographer… when you can take a less than stellar situation, major distraction, and an overly complicated setting and STILL produce a stellar image. Well folks, I think I’m finally a professional! LOL!!! This is Sarah, an upcoming senior at South Oldham High School in Louisville. It’s not uncommon for us to hear sirens while we are shooting downtown, but on her session date, not only did we hear sirens, (LOTS of the them), but we had EMS trucks so close we could touch them, helicopters overhead, spectators running, cars frantically trying to move out of the way… we literally had Whiskey Row on fire behind us as we were shooting. On our @pinkowlphotolou Instagram page, you can even see a behind the scenes look at the drama! Sarah though was as calm and accepting, and such a trooper as we improvised and dealt with all the excitement surrounding us. Thankfully no one was hurt in the fire and we were able to make it out of the traffic and finally to a more quiet country location.

    I absolutely adore her sweet, quiet disposition and am so thankful that I had her and her Mom as my clients for the day as this not so normal photoshoot ensued! LOL!!!

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    Lee Ann | Louisville Senior Portraits

    Introducing the beautiful Lee Ann from Assumption High School in Louisville! Lee Ann is one of our Class of 2016 Pink Owl Models!! Lee Ann was so excited to be a part of the PINK OWL family, because this talented girl has already been accepted to Rice University on a full ride scholarship for volleyball! And their mascot? The RICE OWLS!!

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